What is a watcher?

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Smoke Watchers: what is a watcher?

What is a Watcher  ?

We believe that interactions and human relationships are essential tools to help smokers and vapors quit.

We believe that interactions and human relationships are essential tools to help smokers and vapers quit. That’s why the Smoke Watchers app allows each user to chose at least one person who will support him in the process.

People who support and encourage smokers and vapers are called “watchers”. They get access to all data concerning the smoker’s or vaper’s use. They can check how much progress they make and see if they fail. Watchers can then use social media to share the smoker’s / vaper’s achievements or call other people who can also help him quit.

How to find a good Watcher?

A good watcher is someone you can trust. It can be a spouse, a friend, a family member, a neighbor, a coworker, your doctor or your nurse.

The Watchers types:

  •      The Activist: he is not a smoker but fights against tobacco. He will be determined to make you quit and his commitment will be incredible !
  •      The Former Smoker: he is encouraging, understanding and can show some empathy. He went through the same thing and will use his experience to help you.
  •      The Doctor: he is an expert. He has the legitimacy and the knowledge to help you in a tactful and rigorous way.

How to be a good Watcher?

The Watcher gets access to every single act of the smoker / vaper via our online plateform. He can then message him via this interface and the message will be forwarded to the Smoke Watchers app.

A good Watcher needs to be reassuring with smokers and vapers he is helping. He needs to be able to encourage them but also adapt to their personality. Every smoker / vaper is different and has a different experience with quitting.

The Watcher can share the smokers/vapers’ achievements through social media to encourage them or ask for more help thanks to other potential Watchers.

The Watcher plays a key role. He helps the smoker/vaper find a healthier lifetsyle and keep it! If you succeed, the smoker/vaper will reward you!

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