The benefits of quitting

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The benefits of quitting: hold on!

The benefits of quitting tobacco

The benefits of quitting tobacco


Quit smoking can turn out to be a bumpy ride for smokers. Buckle up, it’s worth it! Indeed, some benefits of quitting tobacco appear shortly after the last cigarette. Remember this when you are tempted to resume and need your momentum back.

What are the health benefits felt after quitting tobacco and when do they appear?

Both medically and mentally speaking, the benefits of quitting can be felt little time after the last cigarette.

In addition to financial reasons, quitting cigarettes has immediate benefits, disminishing dramatically smoking-induced risks, no matter what amount of tobacco you used to consume. Self-confidence, inner calm and less stress, quitting eases ex-smokers’ daily life. Other signs of health improvements appear after your last cigarette and keep appearing later in your life.

20 minutes after quitting tobacco

20 minutes after your last cigarette, the heart rate returns to normal.

24 hours after

The risks of heart attack start to decrease. There is no longer carbon monoxide in the body.

2 days after

Two days afters, there is no nicotin left in the blood.

A few weeks later.

Two weeks after, the taste of food comes back and the skin takes a brighter complexion.

One year after.

The risk of infarct is reduced by 50%.

5 years after

The risk of stroke of lung cancer are reduced by half. The risk of mouth cancer, esophagus cancer, bladder cancer are too reduced by half.

10 years after.

Cerebrovascular stroke risk reaches that of non-smokers

15 years after

The risk of cardiovascular diseases equals that of non-smokers. Ex-Smoker lungs and non smoker lungs are alike.

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