Smoke Watchers at the TedMed of Jerusalem

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Smoke Watchers took part in the TedMed of Jerusalem

Smoke Watchers took part in the TedMed of Jerusalem

The very first TedMed in Israel took place on Thursday, September 11th. Smoke Watchers had to be there for such an event, essential for innovation in the medical world.

Before the event, there is a summit about digital medicine. Great! That’s exactly the core of  what Smoke Watchers does, it seems promising. The day starts at 9am in a big hotel in Jerusalem. 300 participants are welcome in a room. Each of us can choose which table to sit at.

The audience keeps silent, lights are going down and a first intervenant takes the microphone. He is a mentalist and opens the event with one of his tricks to loosen up the audience. Then Joe Flower makes a disturbing speech on the future of medicine and the way today’s techniques can allow the poorest to get an access to a good quality medicine.

In the afternoon, six start-ups fight to win a competition. We, the audience, judge their projects according to three main criteria: innovation, team’s quality and impact on the market.

At 5pm, it’s time to go to Jerusalem’s Big Theater for the TedMed event. They are at least 800 people, all directly or indirectly involved in high tech and medical innovation. We meet Alan Rabinowitz, one of the participants and professor iof cardiology. The TedMed staff  asks us to come in, it is about to start. The host starts talking then participants. Before the break, the host asks everyone to get to know his neighbors in the room. The goal is to create a « creative collusion » between the participants. On our left side, there is a cardiologist at the Hadassa hospital in Israel, very updated about new projects.

After the break, two pianists played a piece they composed with a chronic cancer patient. The score had been written according to her analysis results. The idea was to transcribe her cells’ move into music.

It’s 10:30pm. The ceremony ends with the talk of a connected devices hacker who underlines the importance of securing medical devices. Her intervention aims to make big health companies aware of pirates’ capabilities to hijack connected devices. Thomas, hacker member of the Smoke Watchers team, we thought of you!

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