Smoke Watchers at CES 2015, partnering with Visiomed

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Smoke Watchers at CES 2015, with Visiomed

Smoke Watchers at CES 2015, with Visiomed

Smoke Watchers will be at CES with Visiomed, which introduces its new range of heathcare connected products.

Visiomed, connected health leader

Visiomed Group was founded in 2007 with a major innovation, the first instant no-contact thermometer. Their lab develops healthcare medical devices, especially self-diagnostic and wellness products. Today the company is a french leader in the ehealth market and sells more than a hundred innovative devices. The group is also present in 20 countries.

Smoke Watchers is partnering with Visiomed and will part of their new BewellConnect® range

Thanks to the revolution of internet, connected devices and its experience, Visiomed Group is going further to offer customers the best innovation. In 2014, the brand has designed a new range of products under the brand of BewellConnect®. These medical grade connected devices collect health information, centralize and compile data in a single app, and interpret the data all in real-time. Smoke Watchers is intergrated in this new range and in charge of the smoking part of the program.

Launching BewellConnect® at CES 2015

From January 6th to January 9th 2015, Visiomed introduces BewellConnect®, its new range of healthcare connected devices, at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. It is a key moment to develop this range on an international level and Smoke Watchers made the trip with Visiomed. CES is the biggest global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas. It attracts major companies (3 500 this year) and industry professionals worldwide.

In 2015, Visiomed and Smoke Watchers are not the only ones representing France. The French Tech is the first European delegation and the fifth worldwide (after China, the US, Taiwan and South Korea). France’s Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron and Deputy Minister for Digital Affair and came to support French innovation and the delegation.


France’s Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron with Visiomed and Smoke Watchers at CES

Livestream CES 2015

Where meet us CES 2015 at Las Vegas?

Visiomed and Smoke Watchers

LVCC (Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center) – Stand 73332

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