Patches or E-cigarettes?

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You want to stop smoking: should you use patches or E-cigarettes?


patch or e-cig?

Quitting smoking can be difficult, but nowadays a lot of help is available. There are many products and methods out there, including patches and electronic cigarettes, to help rid you of your nicotine addiction. So which is the best product for you?

Shall I patch up or e-light up?

Patches first appeared in the US in 1992. They release a regular, steady, yet low flow of nicotine into your bloodstream. Users normally start off with full strength patches (15-22mg of nicotine) for 4 weeks and reduce this by using weaker patches (4-15mg) for another 4 weeks.

Patches also take away the carbon monoxide, tar and other chemicals found in cigarettes. These are commonly used by those wishing to stop smoking and give up the actual act of smoking which causes yellow fingers, lips and many diseases.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, enable users to ‘vape’ instead of smoke and are becoming an increasingly popular way to quit smoking. They create vapour which is inhaled by users, therefore replicating the act of smoking. This is important as they help free smokers from the nicotine addiction without breaking the habit. An added bonus is that smokers can smoke indoors over a drink just like they used to in the past.

Smokewatchers offers many options to suit everyone in their quest to quit. With e-cigarettes, you are in control of your nicotine intake whilst still feeling like you are smoking. Electronic cigarettes use cartridges filled with liquid. Some cartridges come with different levels of nicotine, ideal for those wishing to quit (these individuals should opt for 20mg/ml nicotine cartridges). There are also flavoured, nicotine-free cartridges once you no longer need the hit but still enjoy the habit. A cigarette on the commute to work, the morning coffee break, lunch and the journey back to the tube, it’s a tough routine to break, but e-cigarettes still enable you to enjoy the physical act of smoking without having to endure the long term damage of tar, nicotine and other side effects such as bad breath, thanks to the flavoured cartridges. Finding a strong support network, along with professional advice will also help you stay focused and increase your chances of giving up smoking entirely. After all, the real aim is to quit for good without being dependent on patches and e-cigarettes. Smokewatchers also provides support and advice to people wishing to quit.

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