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What do the last studies about e-cigarettes say? (July 2015)

We don’t have enough data and complete studies to evaluate the exact impact of e-cigarettes on our health. In the short as well as the long run. More and more studies about e-cigarettes are being conducted, which helps us to determine the potential risks of vaping.


* Are e-cigarettes less toxic than tobacco cigarettes ?

– this study (October 2014) evaluates toxicant and carcinogen metabolites in the urine of e-cigarette users versus cigarette smokers. They found e-cigarettes to have a more favorable toxicity profile than tobacco cigarettes. Indeed, levels of 1-HOP, total NNAL, 3-HPMA, 2-HPMA, HMPMA, and SPMA were significantly lower in the urine of e-cigarette users compared to cigarette smokers. Levels of nicotine and cotinine were significantly lower in e-cigarette users in one study but not in another.


* Can electronic cigarettes reverse harm to the lungs from smoking?

– this study (March 2015) focuses on lungs. Indeed, they are the primary target of the harmful effects of several airborne pollutants and cigarette smoke. Long-term changes in lung function have been monitored for up to 1 year in a large group of ‘healthy’ smokers who were invited to quit or reduce their tobacco consumption by switching to a first generation e-cigarettes. E-vapor products are found to be at least 96% less harmful than combustible cigarettes. They may substantially reduce individual risk and population harm.


* Do e-cigarettes create a lower level of dependance than nicotine gums and tobacco cigarettes?

– this study (December 2014) assess dependence levels in users of e-cigarettes and compare them with dependence levels in users of nicotine gums and tobacco cigarettes. Even though some e-cigarette users were dependent on nicotine-containing e-cigarettes, these products were less addictive than tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes may be as or less addictive than nicotine gums, which themselves are not very addictive.


*Are metals emitted from electronic cigarettes dangerous for your health?

– this study (May 2015) evaluates the exposure of electronic cigarette users to metal emissions based on findings from the published literature. Overall exposure to metals from e-cigarette use is not expected to be of significant health concern for smokers switching to e-cigarette use. However, it is an unnecessary source of exposure for never-smokers. Metal analysis should be expanded to more products and exposure can be further reduced through improvements in product quality and appropriate choice of materials.


* Is it dangerous for non vapers to be exposed indoors to chemicals in the vapor of an exhaled e-cigarette?

– this study (May 2015) assesses indoor air quality before, during and after unrestricted use of e-cigarettes in a small room. The exposure to the chemicals in the exhaled e-cigarette aerosol is below current regulatory standards that are used for workplaces or general indoor air quality. There is no apparent risk to non vapers from exhaled e-cigarette aerosols.


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