Is nicotine a soft drug?

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nicotine addiction

What is nicotine addiction?

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, which can be found naturally in tobacco. It has strong mood-altering effects and can act as both a stimulant and relaxant for its users. In other words, it makes you feel good, albeit temporarily. When the physical effects of nicotine wear off, it leaves the user feeling uncomfortable and wanting more of the good stuff. This is where addictive behavior comes into play.

Some people can’t stop, or won’t stop, smoking. It is very difficult for smokers to quit because of the the addictive nature of nicotine. The power of the addiction is such that, even in the face of a plethora of evidence proving the dangerous health effects of smoking, people continue to smoke. They even do so to the point where the addiction affects their personal and professional life.

Quitting smoking doesn’t always mean quitting nicotine addiction

When the self-help books, therapists, medications, and doctors fail, what is an addict to do?

Fortunately for smokers, something called Nicotine Replacement Therapy exists. NRT is a way to give the body nicotine to decrease the withdrawal symptoms from smoking cessation. There are many different ways to accomplish this including, but not limited to, chewing gums, patches and e-cigs. These tools can help, and have helped, people rid their smoking habit and avoid a number of health issues caused by tobacco smoke.

But now, one problem still remains: the addiction itself.

Is nicotine alone safe?

Some may argue that nicotine alone is safe to consume. They wouldn’t be wrong. NRT is considered to be more positive than negative. It avoids the adverse health effects of tobacco smoke. As of this post, there is also limited evidence of its health risks. This is a great step forward for people wishing to quit smoking.

However, it is important to take a closer look at some of the research that suggests the consumption of nicotine, synthetic or natural, creates some disconcerting health issues as well. It has been associated with cardiovascular disease and impairment of fetal development. It is also potentially a carcinogen, a cancer causing agent. However, the research is still unclear and debatable for its cancer causing properties. Furthermore, nicotine is known to have a considerably high toxicity level – higher than caffeine, for example. It means that one can overdose from too much exposure to the chemical. These are certainly factors that warrants further research.

Nicotine is generally safe to consume. But moderation is key. And this is really important because some people have reported unusual side effects from the addiction. For example, some users of Nicorette gum have reported dependency and cases of severe jaw tension, while users of the patch have reported reaching toxic exposure levels to nicotine. Both of these strange effects are direct results of addictive behavior. And pharmaceutical companies that create NRT products have capitalized on the power of the addiction.

With E-cigarettes, do you quit nicotine addiction?

Electronic cigarettes, the most recent NRT product, may have found a solution to help users break free from the chains of the addiction. E-cigs use e-liquids and there are a few different levels of nicotine to choose from. This allows people to decrease the dependency on nicotine at their own pace, while minimizing the hurdle of the withdrawal phase.

Ultimately, NRT products like electronic cigarettes were created to help smokers completely kick the habit of smoking cigarettes. And this has been successful up to a point. The addictive nature of nicotine has created a new problem. In fact, some people have only limited their tobacco smoking habits rather than completely quit. Although this is an improvement from the initial health crisis surrounding cigarette smokers, we must take it one step further.

Smoke Watchers helps you quit smoking and nicotine

We must end the addiction to nicotine. Regardless of the lack of sufficient evidence concerning the physical health effects of nicotine, there is a mental and behavioral issue that needs to be addressed. Perhaps you may not agree. And that’s okay. But for those who do agree and want to end their enslavement to a substance that adds no real benefit to their life, there is a way out.

Smoke Watchers may be the place for you to take the necessary next step. The goal of Smoke Watchers is to help people close the cycle of the addiction to smoking. It does this in a couple ways. It adds the ability to monitor your usage. When people keep track of their own behavior, it is easier to see where and when the changes can be made. Smoke Watchers also provides social support, which has been shown to be very helpful for those recovering from any addiction. If you are searching for a tool to end your nicotine dependency, we might have the one for you.

Give Smoke Watchers a try, and tell us what you think!

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