How to stop vaping?

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How to quit vaping ?

How to quit vaping ?

Electronic cigarette: how to stop?

We all know people who quit smoking, but do we know people  who quit vaping? Doctors will soon deal with patients who try to stop vaping.

Can e-cigarettes help a smoker stop, just like gums or patches?  Indeed they can but we should not forget about side effects. There are some risks if you vape and it is addictive. In addition, we need more time and studies to be able to know for sure.

Moreover, e-cigarettes are considered as a tobacco product. As a matter of fact, the tobacco industry acquires e-cigarettes companies. Smokers have to stop vaping if they want to be 100% tabacco free.

Also there is a risk that a new generation starts vaping, unaware of real risks. In that case, e-cigarettes become a public health issue.

Vaping, a doubled-edged behavior : a reduced risk but a new addiction

« Smoking is like taking a highway the wrong way. Vaping is driving 85 mph instead of 80. »
Bertrand Dautzenberg, pulmonologist and president of the Office français de prévention du tabagisme

Vapers call the e-cig “the killer and see the electronic version less dangerous. Indeed, risks for your health are lower. According to Doctor Bertrand Dautzenberg, vaping is « 100 to 1 000 times less dangerous than tobacco », which explains the highway metaphor. He reminds us though that it is a « toxic and addictive product ». E-cigarettes are a half solution. Less dangerous for our health but still dangerous. However, risks of addiction are the same.

The double addiction of e-cigs

One can become addicted to vaping. According to experts, the main risk is the same. The addiction is double:
– addiction to nicotine : between 0 to 20 mg of nicotine depending on the brand
– addiction to the gesture: the gesture is very similar to the tradtional cigarette one

Is this risk of addiction similar to the one smokers risk with traditional cigarettes? Rachael Lloyd’s – that was published by Telegraph – is clear. She took up vaping and thought it was a miracle solution… until she learnt that she was smoking the equivalent of 40-a-day. She had developed a new addiction to nicotine and realised that vaping could also be unhealthy.

Stop vaping: towards a sensible, controlled and guilt-free use

Smoke Watchers allows you to watch your use, track different elements linked to this use and so take control of it. No matter what you aim: quit right away, quit in the long run or simply reduce your smoking/vaping.  Vaping is a tool that makes you responsible and no longer a victim.  It is true that nicotine is dangerous but only if you consume huge amounts. Few people can assess that they aren’t addicted to anything. Chocolate? Sports?…

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