Good and crazy reasons to quit smoking

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We all have a good reason to quit smoking. Or at least we should all have one. Here are some reasons people give on Twitter for quitting smoking!

Number One : health reasons

Of course health is the number one reason and the most important.

Number Two : financial reasons

Money can always be an issue. The will to be healthy is sometimes too abstract and rational but money is a more pragmatic way of stopping smokers.


Number Three : for someone

It is a real motivation to quit smoking: stop thinking of someone else. For his partner, for his children.


Number 4 : unusual reasons

All reasons are valid when it comes to quit smoking! The reason expressed by some smokers isn’t always the most  pertinente or obvious but as long as smokers quit, it is worth it…. no matter what the reason is. évidente mais si le résultat est l’arrêt, ça en vaut la peine.


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