An Anti-Smoking Campaign That Does Make A Difference

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A Thai Anti-Smoking Campaign Succeeded to Make A Difference

The BBDO Proximity Thailand campaign increased interest in quitting by 500%

There has been so many campaigns to dissuade people from smoking. Many are shocking and they also tend to be more and more extreme. But how many are really effective and game-changing? The message often doesn’t come across. Or if it does, it makes smokers feel bad but does not make them quit.

The BBDO Proximity Thailand campaign is an exception. It increased interest in quitting by 500%. The agency worked with scientists at the Chulalongkorn University in Thailand who extracted material from donated lungs from deceased smokers. They combined pigments, dyes, and samples of diseased lungs and created a special blend of writing ink. The ink was then put on display at events across Thailand, and featured on handwritten signs urging tobacco users to quit.

With “the Message from the Lungs” campaign, the medium is a message

“The Message from the Lungs” became a huge talking point across Thailand. The topic generated more than 70M THB in earned media. The messages were also shared on social networks by more than 100,000 people. This campaign is a “medium is the message” example. The emotional impact is extremely powerful. Once the campaign went public and viral., there were 500% more signups for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation smoking cessation program.

This campaign succeeds in changing smokers’ perceptions and raising awareness. It gives them a concrete understanding about the harm of smoking, by bringing the message from inside body to the outside for smokers to see. 

Smokers will only quit once they concretely see the effects of smoking

A lot of smokers never commit and quit because they can’t see many of the harmful effects of smoking on their body. They know about them but don’t take them into account.

The Message from the Lungs (Thai Health Promotion Foundation) from Bbdo Proximity Thailand on Vimeo.

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