1st Meet-up in Warsaw

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Warsaw Meet-up Smoke Watchers

Smoke Watchers’ first Meet-Up in Warsaw

We meet up at the Paris airport on Thursday May 1st. For the first time since we started the project, the team will be reunited. We were all in different parts of the world. I will finally find out how they all look like.

Benjamin had lent me a book about ‘how to quit smoking’ by a writer he knows well. It was very heplful to understand what is at stake for this project and get ready for the week end. It’s also the first time I took a plane so it ws a double discovery for me.

Surprise: we realised that in Poland they don’t use euros but zlotys! We’ll figure it out later, Alexander was already waiting for us. We joined him in the old Warsaw and all ate pizzas.

The atmosphere is really relaxed. We are like friends in a mission. We are having fun but stay focused. We brainstorm, we confront our different opinions. We always want to go further.

In the evening, things are more quiet. We gather and drink beers before going back to work.

Once we arrive at the apartment, we can’t get any Wifi! I tried several times to make it work though! It was impossible to connect to the local Wifi with the 3G key we got with the apartment.

After a second work day full of passion, tears and efforts, we had dinner at a restaurant before heading back. You have to know that in Poland McDonald’s costs as much as a restaurant in France and a restaurant costs as much as McDonald’s in France. Pawel, our Polish developper, became our private guide!

It’s time to fly back. Before driving to the airport, we had dinner and a long cigarette break… mabe too long…. We thought we might miss our flight so we had to run. Phew ! Just on time! Now I can enjoy my second plane trip.

I forgot to tell you: I had a pirate costume the whole week end (I actually wear a pirate costume). There were all surprised, especially security at the airport.

Thomas, Game Designer for Smoke watchers

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