The 3.0 solution : Smoke Watchers smart battery for e-cigarette

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Create a connected and smart e-cigarette

Hardware as a Service : Smoke Watchers smart battery for e-cigarette, a potential quit smoking tool 3.0

In a more and more connected world, it seems hard to believe that the e-cig market escapes the rules. Everyone is talking about the e-cigarette as the new trend of the year!

The e-cig market

The e-cig is a true revolution. Within 4 years, the product has been widely adopted. Today, more than 1.5 million people vape in France, 2 million in the UK, 15 million in the USA. The market has doubled in 2 years and was estimated in 2013 at 1.1b€ (in the USA only).

The product is very likely to develop itself like the Swedish snus. The way the tobacco industry has marketed the snus played a key role. It has transformed the perception of it: from a tobacco quitter to a gateway to tobacco and nicotine addiction.

The connected e-cig- a dangerous gadget

Many firms launch and promote connected e-cigarettes. But for now these products look more like gadgets than solutions to support smokers.

The innovation isn’t in the hardware but in the software. An app should have a therapeutic vocation and clearly help smokers quit. Otherwise, these gadgets may become a gateway to nicotine and addiction. By spending huge amounts on marketing and by targeting young people, the tobacco industry and the market’s new players kill the potential of this technological innovation.

A medical e-cig?

Innovation in this case would mean understanding smokers, helping them quit smoking and vaping as well as supporting them during the process.

The raw data can’t be used without the advice of a coach who is able to understand the behaviour of vapers and help smokers who want to quit.  Following many meetings with doctors and medical associations, we understand how important it is to support smokers. Therefore, we created the concept of Watcher to integrate social and medical support to our program. Watchers advice the smokers on a daily basis.

Accumulated data should be dedicated to science and medicine. It should not benefit the tobacco industry. Smokers have to remain at the heart of our preoccupation. Also an app needs to serve the needs of doctors who are looking for new ways to treat and follow up with their patients.

This is why Smoke Watchers developed its own application. We want an object that makes you as slave as the traditional cigarette because of the addiction to become an object that treats you like a patient and help you quit.

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