Smoke Watchers, an international and dynamic experience

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SmokeWatchers open spaces

Newly employed by Smoke Watchers, I came to the office in Neuilly-sur-Seine to meet the team and discover the world of start-ups, meetings, meet-ups, unexpected situations and a whole new world after my former experiences in big companies.

We share the office with Kolibree, a startup dealing with connected objects, especially in the dental hygiene business. People go by, I try to remember their names, faces and jobs. In SmokeWatchers, nothing is complicated. The team is spread over the world: Liran in Amsterdam, Mickaël in Hong Kong, Pawel in Warsaw, Benjamin, Thomas and Tug are in Paris. As for me, I will be in Tel Aviv, in the Startup Nation after a few weeks of training.

I have barely time to meet some associatins and doctors with Benjamin, I need to get to the airport! Tel Aviv is all about startups, innovation and dynamism. Wifi is available everywhere in the city and open-spaces are at entrepreneurs’ diposal.

I meet Sasha Tabak, passionated by connected objects. As I go, I take the amazing opportunity to co-organise a meet-up for Smoke Watchers on the rooftop of the Wix. Benjamin and Liran will come all the way from France for this special occasion. Everything must be set up for June 26th ! Presentation speeches, rehearsals, every word must be carefully chosen. The pressure is on.

We arrive on the rooftop where the event will take place. The sight over the city is breathtaking. Guests are coming. Benjamin will soon give a talk. Let’s go!

The crowd is cheering and questions start coming from everywhere. We feel relieved because the event is a success! First challenge accomplished!

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