Smoke Watchers: filling the lack of support for quitsmokers

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Filling the lack of support with Smoke Watchers

We created Smoke Watchers to fill the lack of support for smokers who try to quit

Quitting smoking is a real challenge. Irritability, depression, anxiety, withdrawal symptoms can deter smokers from stopping and increase the risk of relapse.

The tobacco plague

In France, 60 000 people die of smoking every year. That makes it the first cause of preventable mortality in the country. Worldwide, tobacco use is responsible for the death of about 1 in 10 adults. Quitting smoking is a road full of thorny traps. Indeed, 97% of smokers who try to quit without support fail.


Why is it so hard to quit?

The first reason for failing is the lack of support. Mental support is crucial during the quitting process. However, this should be adapted depending on each smoker’s needs and addiction profile.


With Smoke Watchers, you are never alone

Smoke Watchers is fully aware of the weaknesses of traditional support systems and management. So it includes the social aspect in its program to help smokers quit. Therefore, smokers are never left alone and remain encouraged and supported by their “Watchers”.

Smoke Watchers developed an app that can be personalized and adapt to anyone, anywhere. The app allows daily monitoring of the smokers or vapers use to help them in the cessation process. Watchers can be the smokers’ relative, friend, or doctor whom he trusts enough to help him quit.


SmokeWatchers: a complete program for smokers and vapers.

During the first use of the app, Smoke Watchers identifies the smoker or vaper addiction profile in order to suggest to him appropriate and relevant goals. The Watcher, who gets an access to the smoker or vaper data via our web platform, can send him push messages to support him. He can also share the smoker’s progress on social networks.


The benefits of Smoke Watchers.

With Smoke Watchers, smokers manually track their use on the app. For vapers though, the use is automatically recorded thanks to the Smoke Watchers connected battery. Three virtual coaches are available to give appropriate support to smokers according to their specific needs. They can choose whichever coach suits them better to quit step by step , one day after an other.


An electronic cigarette battery that offers vapers an access to the program

Variable voltage, 900 mAh battery, led and buzzer,… The Smoke Watchers smart battery has been developed with vapers to meet their needs.

Convenient and light, the e-battery is compatible with most electronic cigarettes existing on the market.  You can take it whenever and wherever you need. Accessible to everyone, Smoke Watchers’ app is available for Android and iOS.

Connected to smartphones via bluetooth, it automatically records your use without any effort.  Smoke Watchers makes sure the e-battery will be your last !


A smart collaborative program

We create a large community of smokers and vapers who connect and work together towards a common goal: quit tobacco for real. We help research to set clinical studies on e-cigarette addiction by analysing data we gathered.

Because we are fully aware of the confidentiality of private data, Smoke Watchers will never monetize users’ data.




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