5 social habits every smoker should have

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What are the 5 habits every smoker should have to be socially aware and live in peace with non-smokers?

Smoking is a personal decision. You have every right to do so but you don’t have to invite everyone to the party…

1) Be aware of non smokers 

– When you are about to smoke in front of other people, ask them if they won’t be bothered. If they are not too close to you, they should be fine and not inhale all of your smoke.

Asking for permission to smoke does not mean you don’t have the right to smoke in front of other people. It just means you care about them and you are polite. Unless it’s a non smoking area, you have ever right to do so. In case someone doesn’t give you permission, either you leave and smoke away from that person or you decide to stay. If you stay, you’re gonna make someone unhappy. That person has the right to leave too….

While smoking close to other people, make sure you know in which direction the smoke is going so you can prevent passive smoking.

While eating, it’s better to wait or go outside. Most people are bothered by smoke during a meal.

2) People you should not be smoking in front of, under any circusmstances: children, pregnant women and smokers who quit

In some situations, it is better not to smoke. In front of children and pregnant women because health risks due to passive smoking are more important. And in front of quitsmokers because you are probably still addicted and doing their best to stay smokefree and not tempted. I know what you are gonna say: you can’t always tell if people around you are quitsmokers or if a woman is pregnant. That’s why it’s always better to ask for permission before you do smoke.

3) Ask for permission at someone else’s place

Let’s face it: even smokers hate smelling cold tobacco. In clothes, furnitures, hair… So when you are at someone else’s place, you should systematically ask before smoking inside. Most people only smoke outside, even at home.

4) Excuse yourself when you go away to smoke

Just like you would excuse yourself leaving everyone else when you go to the bathroom. Do the same with smoking. Excusing yourself doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong. It is a matter of politeness.

5) Don’t litter and leave cigarette butts on the floor or on the beach

It’s gross. Anything you leave on the floor! It should go to the trash. And on the beach, the “surprise” is even worse.

Society has become lesss tolerant when it comes to smokers. Even tough there are many dangers for our health, anyone has the right to smoke. By following a few rules to live in peace with non-smokers, they shoudn’t be unpleasant.

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