2nd Smoke Watchers Meet-up: Tel Aviv!

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Tel Aviv

After Warsaw, the second Smoke Watchers Meet-up took place in Tel Aviv. It’s not random. Israel is called the «start-up Nation». so SmokeWatchers wanted to explore this bubbling brainpower.

The Meet-up was organised by Sasha Tabak who is passionnate by connected objects and an expert in robotics. Sasha organizes monthly meet-ups of more than 200 people in prestigious places in Tel Aviv. She brings together high tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and investers. In each meeting, she invites two innovative start-ups linked to connected objects.

For the June Meet-up, SmokeWatchers is the first start-up to intervene.

Sasha chose to organise it on the rooftop of the huge start-up Wix, in Tel Aviv’s port and with a complete view of the entire city.

For SmokeWatchers, Myriam is coordinating the event with Sasha. Benjamin and Liran will come to the event. Benjamin will only get 3 minutes to talk. The audience can stop him anytime to ask questions or give a comment. Unlike the french way, in such meet-ups the audience can interact anytime and doesn’t have to let the speaker finish talking.

We have to prepare Benjamin’s presentation for the Meet-up. A Steve Jobs style presentation requires a real prep and rehearsals! Time flies. Barely arrived in Israel, we have to meet Sasha at the event’s location.

On the roof where the Meet-up happens, we get a stunning view of the entire city of Tel Aviv: the sea on one side, skyscrapers on the other. Guests arrive, there is more and more pressure, it’s going to be Benjamin’s turn to speak up. Here we are: Sasha introduces Benjamin and gives him the microphone. The audience keeps quiet and listens very carefully. Benjamin talks about his vision for SmokeWatchers. He explains how he created the project and the concept of Watcher. He talks about the connected battery and finally invites all to sign up on the website to become a beta tester. After his speech, he answers questions very well. It’s over! We can finally rest. It all went perfectly!

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